Christmas in Barbados

So, you’re used to having your usual festive season at home but you’ve now booked a holiday to Barbados over the Christmas period and are wondering what on earth it will be like.

Well, you will find that the locals celebrate Christmas in a very similar way to the UK, only you replace the freezing cold with the pleasant warmth.

Houses and shops are lit up with Christmas lights, hotels and malls have huge Christmas trees which are beautifully decorated. There are several ‘pop-up’ shops which sell Christmas items, the radio constantly features Christmas songs throughout the festive period. Shops are packed with people buying Christmas presents, and schools often have Christmas carols and concerts.

Also, many ‘Bajans’ buy new furniture for the build up to Christmas and there is a huge rush for turkeys, like the UK. People spend Christmas day with family, exchanging gifts and eating lots of food.

Roads and streets are lit up with bright, festive lights and it is worth a visit to see them.

Many Barbadians attend church around the Christmas period, for midnight mass on christmas eve or on Christmas Day morning.

Christmas in Queen’s Park is a great sight, everyone puts on their finest outfits and head to Queen’s Park in Bridgetown. They enjoy showing off their fashion with all their friends and loved ones.

‘Great cake’ is a well-known cake to eat and make in Barbados around the Christmas time. It is made with a combination of dried fruits, spices and a fair amount of liquor. Some like their cake iced with Royal icing, while others prefer it plain

If you didn’t know how to spend christmas in Barbados previously, you should now be able to see why so many people love spending their Christmas period here and rent a Villa in Barbados to begin your Christmas experience in Barbados.

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