What you’ll need for a holiday in Barbados

Congratulations – You’ve booked the summer villa of your dreams and are jetting off to Barbados!

You’ve probably been planning your holiday for sometime, but what’s the plan for getting there? What are you taking? What do you need?

Here are some last minute hints and tips to make sure that your stay in Barbados is as carefree and relaxing as possible.


Let’s start with the fun bit – the packing and the sorting of  your holiday wardrobe!  For your stay at Villa Des Anges you will want to have a range of clothing options.  T- shirts and tanks that are easily interchangeable with your shorts would help with light packing or making room for those outfits you can’t live without.

Villa Des Anges is a luxury Beach Villa, so as well as light clothing, some comfortable beach footwear is also essential.   

Depending on the time of year that you are visiting you may also want to pack a sweater or pashmina for the cooler nights. Speaking of night time,  if you are planing to visit some of Barbados’ fancier restaurants you will need to pack formal wear such as a summer dress or shirt with pants, and let’s not forget those all important shoes.  While your sandals are fine for the beach and hiking boots for those long walks you will also need to pack smart shoes for the evenings that you are dining out.

Tip – On the topic of clothes it is also worth noting that camouflage wear  is illegal on the island of Barbados.

Toiletries and necessities

Right that’s the clothing done , so what else is needed in that suitcase that is never big enough?

Suncream is an absolute essential for adults and children alike –  during the summer months,  Barbados sees an average 8 hours of sunlight per day, with highs of 30 degrees celsius. You will want enough to be able to apply several times a day and if you’re in and out of the crystal waters regularly you should opt for a waterproof sunscreen.

So don’t forget your sunglasses either,  for when you have been able to pull yourself away from the gorgeous air conditioned villa and visit the properties curve arc pool, surrounded by tropical gardens and patio decks.  This really is one of the most idyllic places to stay in Barbados.

Top Tip – when packing your suncream pop it in a resealable sandwich bag – this will not only protect your clothes in the suitcase from any unfortunate spillages, but when you arrive this can be reused as your cell phone beach protector!

If you’re travelling from outside the US you will need to pack power adapters to ensure your cell phone remains fully charged for all of those gorgeous pictures you’re going to take!

Any medication that you have to bring should have either the prescription or a note from the doctor so that you have no problems getting through customs at the airport.


The boring bits
As you probably already know, even when you are planning for a luxury villa stay in Barbados you will still need to sort out that holiday insurance, just in case, as well as a few other necessary bits of paperwork.

In most cases you will not need a visa, although it is always best to check with your travel provider to make sure as this can depend on where you are travelling from. Otherwise, just your valid passport will be required for entry.

Tip – Even though there is a low risk you should consider yellow fever vaccination.  

You may also want to make yourself aware of the duty free rules just to make sure there are no hiccups in getting to or staying at your lovely Barbados beach house.