What could you do with a week in Barbados?

If you are looking for places to stay in Barbados, the likelihood is that you will want to know what you could do with your time on the island. Villa Des Anges provide the perfect villa to rent in Barbados, with a great location, you can explore everything that the famous island has to offer.

What could you do with a week in Barbados?

Go on a Catamaran cruise- Swim with sea turtles and go snorkelling around a shipwreck, get treated to a buffet lunch and an open bar all for $90.

Play golf on one of the championship courses- The courses are spectacular and have fabulous fairways and greens, aswell as fantastic views of different areas of Barbados.

Visit the Garrison Savannah- Enjoy a day out at the races on a Saturday, have a few drinks and enjoy one of Barbados’ most historic sporting venues.

Spend a day at the beach- Soak in the sun and have a day of relaxation, top the tan up and enjoy the surroundings.

Visit Oistins Fish Fry on a Friday night- One of Barbados’ most recognised places. Enjoy the most delightful freshly caught seafood whilst soaking up the atmosphere of the live entertainment. Get right into the heart of Barbadians traditions at Oistins Fish Fry.

Sample some local Rum- The locals love their rum, it’s not expensive and is extremely tasty. There are several distilleries in Barbados and the Barbadian people pride themselves on their top quality rum.

Barbados National Trust Open House Programme- Visit historic buildings, architectural places and places of interest in Barbados, it will make you realise how incredible this island really is.

This is only a few of the many exciting things to do and see in Barbados. Now you have understanding of what to do in a week of being in Barbados, why not book Villa Des Anges for your villa to rent in Barbados. It provides one of the best places to stay in Barbados, with fantastic views and a great location, it is ideal for the perfect getaway.


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