Top 5 interesting things to do in Barbados

Villa Des Anges is one of the best villas to rent in Barbados due to it being so close to many interesting activities. If you’re looking for places to stay in Barbados that have close links to many exciting activities, then Villa Des Anges is the villa in Barbados for you. Whether you prefer nature, sport, history, food or entertainment, Villa Des Anges is close to everything meaning it is a perfect place to stay in Barbados.

For you nature lovers, Hunte’s Gardens is only a 20 minute drive away. The beautiful botanical gardens really are a feast for the eye, the perfect place for people passionate about nature to go and experience some of the most vibrant looking, rare, exotic plants that are on offer.

The South Coast Boardwalk is a great opportunity for you and your family to soak in the luxurious views that Barbados has to offer. The walk runs side by side to the beautiful sea and is complimented by fabulous viewpoints, making the landscapes of Barbados that extra bit special. The walk is approximately 1km long meaning it isn’t too long for younger children but it gives you the right amount of time to appreciate the scenery.

If you prefer sporting events and want to have a fabulous day out, the Garrison Savannah racetrack is the pinnacle for horse racing in Barbados. Home to the Barbados Gold Cup, the 6 furlong track really is one to visit.

Another great sporting venue is the Kensington Oval, the cricket ground home to the Barbados Tridents and the West Indian national team. Cricket being one of the most popular sports in the Caribbean is a great opportunity for you to capture traditional ways of life. Visit the Kensington Oval and witness a carnival like atmosphere with a passionate set of supporters, making you fall in love with the locals and Barbados. It’s only 20 minutes away from Villa Des Anges, meaning if you’re an avid sports fan, our villa really is the best villa to rent in Barbados.

If you’re a food lover then Oistin’s Fish Fry Restaurant is the perfect place for you. The food is a spectacular offering of excellent fish, lobster, chicken and many more fantastic dishes, all cooked on the spot in front of you. A truly traditional Barbadian evening, and if you’re lucky, in-amongst the diners you’ll witness the old timers playing dominoes. It’s a great evening for everyone; individuals, couples and families alike with a really relaxed atmosphere, it’s a great place to spend an informal evening before heading back to the villa.

There are so many more interesting activities to do in Barbados; there are activities to meet everyone’s preferences and personalities. You’ll need a place to stay in Barbados when wanting to explore these fabulous destinations and we have one of the best villas in Barbados on offer so look no further than Villa Des Anges and book your place today.