Top 5 best beaches in Barbados

If you’re looking for luxury villas in Barbados then you’ll want to know the best beaches to visit. Here at Villa Des Anges, we offer the perfect place to stay in Barbados, with several luxurious beaches nearby you’ll never get tired of the stunning views and entertainment they have to offer.  

Folkestone beach is a gorgeous beach and is only a 2 minute walk away from Villa Des Anges. With many water related activities, a marine museum and coastal environment displays, there is plenty to see and do here. Perfect for snorkeling along the reef or for diving off a private boat. With Folkestone Beach being so close, it really does make Villa Des Anges the best villa to rent in Barbados.


Accra beach, also known as Rockley, is one of the widest and most popular stretches of beach in Barbados. With a variety of vendors selling all sorts of clothing and jewellery, Accra beach really is a taste of the traditional in Barbados. Waves are moderate so it is perfect for boogie boarding or body surfing and is only a 30 minute drive from Villa Des Anges.

Barbados is a renowned island for having glamorous views and scenery and Crane beach is the perfect place to take beautiful photographs. Originally a harbour, Crane beach also offers a beautiful stretch of sand with perfect waves for starter surfers or body surfers, it also features a sheltered swimming area close to shore.


If you’re looking for a beach which is renowned for beach sports then look no further than the Silver Sands Beach. This beach is recognised as being world class for watersports and is known to be good for surfing, making it the perfect place for a sport indulged day at the beach. With it being a 40 minute drive from Villa Des Anges, it’s by no means too far away for you to enjoy a day out.

Bottom Bay, on the South-East Coast of Barbados, has some of the greatest views in Barbados, making it a beach you don’t want to miss out on. The sand of Bottom Bay is protected by high jagged cliffs and the beach is lined with coconut palms making it the perfect destination for a picnic rather than swimming.

At Villa Des Anges, you’re never too far away from any type of beaching experience, making it the perfect villa to rent in Barbados and the best place to stay in Barbados. Contact us today to find out more about Villa des Anges and why we think it is the best villa in Barbados.