The best food Barbados has to offer

One prevailing theme in the food of Barbados is fish, or more specifically ‘flying fish’ which is part of the Barbados national dish “coucou and flying fish” this delightful dish is traditionally served on a Friday or Saturday and as the name suggests is primarily made with coucou, which is a cornmeal-like dish mixed with okra water and flying fish, perfect for cooling down after a long day relaxing at our luxury villa.

Another dish that may tantalise spicier taste buds would be ‘pepperpot.’ This is traditionally a thick, spicy stew made with beef, pork and mutton and flavored with local spices and scotch bonnet peppers and served with either  bread, rice  or mashed potato.

Wanting a bit of a taste of home? What is sometimes referred to as the unofficial national dish is the ‘macaroni pie’; a baked mac and cheese pie with ketchup and mustard for added flavor and color.

On a walk from your villa on the beach? Why not try a local ‘Cutter,’ similar to the everyday sandwich only made with salt bread.  Salt bread is a large bun that gets its name, not because of how salty it tastes (not very) but because it is one of the only bread’s on Barbados that is not sweet! As well as fillings such as cheese, fish or egg  these are often served with a hot Bajan pepper sauce.

Holiday is a time to treat yourself and what’s better than something sweet to do just that. Sweet bread or coconut bread could be just the thing to fill that sugar craving after a day in the sun, or anytime really.  It is a sweet bread made with coconut, sugar spices and on occasion, raisins.

And let’s not forget the classic ‘rum punch,’ perfect for when you are  sitting next to the pool in your rented villa next to the beach. Rum punch, as you might guess, is a rum based cocktail, which stars lime juice, Angostura bitters and